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Here's some cool old Skoolies! Click on image to see a bigger version.

     Dodgebus.jpg (28328 bytes)                                 belle.jpg (31812 bytes)                        busplane1.jpg (22846 bytes)

This was our bus ('64 Dodge)                 "Belle" a '65 Dodge                         Airplane/Bus!

before we got Grace.



   Backends.jpg (20997 bytes)                                    hsetruckbus.jpg (16702 bytes)                            RastaBus.jpg (26871 bytes)

The room on the top of                            An Old Chevy and an                  This bus has solar cooker

this bus is a glass blowing                           International Bird                               on  the roof.

shop, and is built behind

a VW bus on top.


More Skoolies!